We don’t sell ERP

 We specialise in Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, and in particular in three, specific, key areas regarding Dynamics ERP implementations…

  1. Ensuring organisations select the right partner for their implementation (and get the best when negotiating the contracts)
  2. Delivering projects on time – our consultants all have specific product and industry knowledge. We know from bitter experience that you need to be more than a “techy” to successfully implement ERP solutions
  3. Providing consistent, high quality, support to you and your users post “go-live”

Our people are the best there is, our approach is proven, and all we do is Dynamics ERP – that’s why you should call us today.

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions you should consult with us in confidence

  • My business is looking to implement a new ERP solution
  • Our current implementation of Dynamics ERP is going off track
  • We need internal resources to work with our existing implementation partner
  • Our internal consultants require additional product training
  • We have gone live with Microsoft ERP and we wish to optimize the system
  • We have gone live with Microsoft ERP and we wish to implement additional functionality
  • We have gone live with Microsoft ERP and we are looking for a specialist support company

We look forward to talking to you.